Siena Office Fitout

Catholic Education Office and the Archdiocesan Finance Office


W Fairweather & Son

2009 - 2012 (staged)


A former Secondary College has been converted into a new adult education and conference centre for the Catholic Education Office of WA and their associated divisions including the Archdiocese of Perth.

This transformation was completed in five stages. Stages 1 and 2 involved the refurbishment of a reception area and the conversion of existing classrooms, labs and store rooms into open plan and private offices, a resource room, a lecture theatre and video conferencing facilities for the Archdiocese. Stage 3 comprised the upgrade of existing offices, toilet block and seminar room and the conversion of existing facilities into a staffroom. Stage 4 involved the installation of a lift and covered walkways linking the different levels of the building and making the centre accessible. In addition, a new Function Room and more offices have become available upon completion in early 2012. Stage 5 which has just been completed comprised the refurbishment of existing classrooms into a contemporary learning hub with flexible collaboration spaces that encourage open learning and teaching.


New entry
After- Lecture Theatre
After- CLH Classroom
After- CLH Classroom
After- CLH Corridor
After- CLH Classroom
After- Staff Room
After- Lift
After- New Entry
After- Offices
After- Resources Room
After- Seminar Room
After- Staff Room
After- Staff Room
After- Staff Room
New Staff Facilities
Before- CLH Classroom
Before- CLH Corridor
Before- Entry
Before- Lecture Theatre
Before- Offices
Before- Resources Room
Before- Seminar Room
Before- Staff Facilities
Before- Staff Room