Iona Presentation College Sports Centre

Iona Presentation College (Presentation Sisters)

Mosman Park

Emco Building

June 2006


Located in the western suburbs of Perth between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, Iona Presentation College's location for the Sports Centre provided potential views across the ocean to Rottnest Island and a prominent point of reference when approaching the College from the river side.

The project was designed to link in with the existing 25m swimming pool at its lowest level, and provides extensive basement car parking beneath the playing court floor. With new changerooms and a teaching wing providing additional learning areas, the building encloses the swimming pool on two sides. The connection between the Sports Centre, swimming pool and ocean views was critical in formulating visual and physical access between all of these aspects.

The playing court can be opened towards grass areas on the river side of the Centre. The Iona Presentation College Sports Centre is a multi-purpose facility that now provides an excellent integrated sporting complex, and a valuable contribution to the education of current and future students.

RAIA 2007 Awards Entrant

Iona Presentation College Sports Centre
View from Street
External View
Curved Roof Form
View from Pool
New Indoor Sports Courts
Natural Light to Sports Courts