Santa Maria College Mercy Building

Santa Maria College


Emco Building

Jan 2010


As the first stage of a 10 year plan, the Mercy Building was designed to project an image of contemporary excellence to the community. The establishment of the Learning Plaza on the First and Second Floors as part of the redevelopment of C Block has been driven by the desire to reach beyond the College's history and provide a learning facility that is technology rich, enhances individual, small group and project based learning, promotes an environment that is a gateway to knowledge, and recognises the professionalism of the staff that contribute to the girls' development in the Mercy tradition. The adjacent Spanish mission-style Administration Building was appreciated as the signature of Santa Maria College. The existing break-up of the fenestration has influenced the design of the façade of the new building, which follows the same rhythm. The bulk and curved form of the new building has been designed not to overshadow the existing building, but allow the two buildings to coexist as a unified statement on the future of Santa Maria College.

2010 RAIA WA Chapter Awards Entrant - Public Buildings
2010 RAIA WA Chapter Awards Entrant - Interiors

Looking across new Mercy Building to Administration Building
Before - North Elevation
After - North Elevation
After - North Facade
Looking across Administration Building
Intersection of new and existing buildings
Before - South Elevation
After - South Elevation
New Lift and Stair access
Before - Internal Corridors
Refurbished Corridor
Before - Classrooms
Refurbished Classroom
New Food Technology
New Learning Plaza
New Resource Collection
New Resource Collection with views to the Swan River
New Furniture in the Resource Collection
New Book Cafe
New Staff Lounge
New Kitchens in the Staff Lounge
New Staff Lounge overlooking the Swan River