St Benedict's Primary School Library and Hall Refurbishment

St Benedicts Primary School


ZD Constructions

May 2010


Following construction of the new St Benedict's Church, the former church building was made available to St Benedict's Primary School and converted into a Library and Hall.

Focusing on a supportive learning environment for the students and an open communication between the School and the Parish community, the interior was designed to cater for both educational services and communal activities. While the Ground Floor is finished in neutral colours, the interior of the First Floor corresponds to children's needs for a playful environment. Feature colours and walls designate the different areas while the open-plan allows for flexible use of space.

To steer away from the 1970's vernacular, the original building's height was reduced by two thirds and the roof concealed with steel-frame walls supporting a new aluminium facade. The School's colour blue was incorporated in the facade as a feature colour to communicate the School's identity. The majority of the aluminium composite panels are finished in bronze and, depending on the time of day, shimmer in different shades of gold giving the building a warm atmosphere. The selective use of copper and silver coloured panels contributes to its strong presence as an identifiable focal point in the surrounding neighbourhood.

After - Exterior
After - West Elevation
Before - Exterior
New West Elevation
New Entry
New Cladding
New Library
New Library Space