Tranby College Senior School and Administration Building

Tranby College


Badge Constructions

June 2013

Andrew Pritchard


Stage 3 of EIW Architects’ involvement with Tranby College includes the development of a new Senior School and Administration Building. The new building is designed to accommodate the growing school population and create a statement about the learning offered by Tranby College, and its place in the community.

The learning areas within the Ground Floor include a mix of large and small flexible spaces, a Study Cafe and a Tiered Forum space. An interior design scheme using pixellated colours and natural timber tones leads to a sophisticated atmosphere, as the students navigate from middle school to become the senior school students of the K-12 campus.

On the First Floor, a new Administration centre will centralise the administration functions of the College and allow all staff to meet in one space, in the new Staff Community Room.  The unique College colours have been included in the external design to enable the new building to act as a beacon to the local community.

See the 3D animation here

See official opening video here

External- A mix of materials create a new statement
An external entrance for Community access
Administration- different settings within the Staff Community Room
Administration- the new Staff Community Room
Internal Senior School- bright colours and flexible furniture
Administration- the new school entry references the school colours
Administration- the building creates a new focus point for the college
Senior School- secret spaces link to larger spaces
Senior School- each of the five classrooms are different sizes
Senior School- the large group space
Senior School- the linking tiered forum
School colours are references in the external