18 November 2014

Hammond Park Catholic Primary School- Official Opening and Blessing Ceremony

The construction of stage 1 of Hammond Park Catholic Primary School commenced in 2011 and was successfully completed in July 2013. Stage 2 is expected to start on site in early 2015.

The official opening and blessing ceremony occurring on Tuesday 18th November 2014. Present were EIW’s own Dani Martin, Tony D’Andrea and Mark Oliver who worked on the project as well as staff, students and parents. The Archbishop Timothy Costello blessed the school and Executive Director of Catholic Education Dr Tim McDonald officially opened the school, saying ‘I believe these buildings are a great example of how innovative building design, focused on flexible learning spaces, tangibly supports best practice and enhances 21st-century teaching and learning’ (Dr Tim McDonald, Catholic Education Office)

The ceremony also included choir and catering and a chance for visitors to familiarise themselves with the new space.

For further details and images of Stage 1, please click the link here to take you to our projects page.

Click here to see the official School's Newsletter.


14x12x23- HPCPS- Opening Ceremony Collage