31 January 2013

Moving beyond the classroom: Accommodating the changing pedagogy of higher education. By Peter C. Lippman

This paper questions the future of the ‘classroom’ as a paradigm for teaching and learning settings within the university. In turn, it proposes the notion of ‘learning spaces’ as layered transactional settings for liberating our thinking and our approach to spatial design in order to achieve dynamic learning environments able to meet current and future needs of teachers and students.

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Architect and Educator Peter C. Lippman explores how best to design spaces in which students can work together.

This is the first part of a double series that explore collaborative spaces for K-12 learning environments.  Building on research, this article proposes the different spaces, instructional spaces and the breakout spaces, which might be included in these settings.  Additionally, it examines how technology can be integrated into them.  Lastly, the article features animations showcasing the variety of spaces within these facilities, along with photographic examples of settings that embrace the ideas proposed. 

 Watch architectural animations showing a space EIW Architects designed.

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