The First School in the Cloud opens in the U.K.

Whilst browsing the internet, EIW Architects came accross an article from TED Blog about the first of seven intended schools opened on 22nd December 2013 that is "SOLE", a.k.a. "Self-Organised-Learning-Environment at George Stephenson High School in Killingworth, England.


Bringing the natural curiosity of children together with the unlimited resourses the Internet has to offer is the vision Sugata Mitra presented at a TED Talk in February 2013. Linking young curious minds with the use of the Cloud web platform "Granny Cloud", a solely online based resource where retired teachers can impart knowledge and encouragement to the young students where the children are in control of the knowledge they wish to gain.


The space has even been designed by the children themselves, including shared learning spaces, computer stations, beanbags for comfortable learning and walls painted with cloud motifs.


To learn more about the phenomenon inspired by TED Talk's Sugata Mitra, view the full article here.