2013 WA Early Childhood Education and Care ConferenceOctober 25 2013


Peter C. Lippman will be speaking on Saturday 26th October at 10:30am- 12:00pm on the topic of: Creating Early Learning Centres for the next Decade and Beyond.

Peter will discuss the creation and importance of ELC (Early Learning Centres) at the end of the last century and the influence their design has on a child's formative years. Following this he will expand on the importance of considering learning spaces for the decade to come.

  • How do you create a learning environment that inspires and motivates learning?
  • How would these environments change within a different cultural context?
  • How can we ensure that the designs we create now will be relevant and just as relevant in 'moulding young minds' in the decade to come?


Following Peter in the same session is Hayley Christian (from UWA). Her topic: "Growing up in WA: Does where Children Live and Play effect their Health and Development?".

Both speakers address how important a learning environment can be to the development of a child's learning skills that how this may influence they way in which they learn and interact with others into adulthood and therefore their work environments. 

The full Conference program can be viewed here