The Spaces In Between

When our Associate Director Peter C. Lippman was in Sweden for a conference, he had the chance to view some Swedish schools and even help with the layout of their classrooms.

Long has Peter been an advocate for the importance of creating adaptable learning spaces specifically designed to suit the way in which children learn. Whilst at two schools in Sweden- he was approached by teachers asking for his expert assistance in making an adaptable space more suited to both group, as well as single, pairs and small group learning.

Peter rolled up his sleeves and helped rearrange furniture where he moved soft furniture such as sofas and chairs, as well as tables and chairs.

The result was not just a pair of happy teachers feeling their space was being put to better use- but also Peter's article on exactly this issue.

In "The Spaces in Between" article Peter addresses the need to create defined zones within a learning space and to make them feel separate, without being segmented physically. This creates separate learning spaces where students can retreat or come together- depending on the style of learning required.

For the full article, please follow this link and scroll to page 8-9: here

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